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It's great that you have found my online portfolio! I am Sebastian Kindel. I work as a Freelance Motion Graphics Designer in Cologne, Germany.



Planning and development of
Motion Graphics Design concepts for companies and brands starting from the very first idea to the final production.


Design and animation of TV formats, on-air promotion, trailers,
title sequences, music videos, commercials, infographics and interactive media.


Nomination of Sebastians Motion Graphics work at a range of short film festivals (eg unlimited#2 in Cologne).
Nomination of commercial work by the industry association Eyes & Ears of Europe.


I studied Visual Communications at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, where I graduated as a qualified designer in 2009.
I specialized in moving image content, which led me quickly to the discipline of Animation and Motion Graphics Design.
Before I decided to become a Freelancer in 2015, I have been working as a Broadcast Designer and Art Director at Vox Television GmbH in Cologne for about eight years.

Special interest I have in graphically designed intros of all genres as well as titles sequences, animated short films in artistic contexts and infographics.
Stylistically, I'm totally open, but I have a special love for geometry, cubism, the third dimension and a keen sense of flowing, organic movements.
Find some of my Likes on Vimeo or Pinterest.
Simply drop a mail for questions and inquiries.
I'll answer immediately.


Get in touch with me today to discuss your project requirements!


  Nußbaumerstr. 19, 50823 Cologne, Germany
  +49 (0) 178 / 615 07 01

  Steuernummer: 217/5145/7277
  Umsatzsteuer IdNr: DE299487385


Opening Sequence “Sell it at Home”

Opening Sequence of format "Sell it at Home" for German TV station "RTL".
We accompany five women selling a specific product during a sales party and trying to be the best competitor.

Kunstmuseum Bonn

Print advertisement for "Kunstmuseum Bonn"


Logo design for the "Archive Community Memories" system of Deutsche Welle

Branding Video of Innovation Software “Hype 9”

Branding video of the redesigned innovation-software "Hype9" for software producer "HYPE" including an animated click journey,
highlighting the systems improvements and its high design approach.

Opening Sequence “Special Operation Family”

Opening Sequence "Special Operation Family" for German TV station "Vox".
We accompany streetworkers through their daily work.

Opening Sequence “Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion as a Religion”

Opening Sequence of documentation "Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion as a Religion" for German TV station "Vox".
In Martina Neuens' four-hour documentation on the "fashion pope", the characteristics and peculiarities of his fashion ambience are set in relation to religious Customs.

Animated Short Movie “Real Time Fairytale”

According to Jean Beaudrillard´s theory of simulation I developed the following plot as a base of my final examination:
A TV falling down from the sky annihilates the typical and clichéd hierarchical system of a fairy-tale world. A princess becomes addicted by virtual spaces while the community´s priest tries to avert that in addition to his moral claim...

Station Ident of "Starkino" movies

Station ident of "starkino" movies for German TV station "Vox".

Opening Sequence “Travelpass into the Adventure”

Opening Sequence of reality format "Passport into the Adventure" for German TV station "Vox". We accompany two very good friends on their journey to an unknown metropolis, where they have to solve tasks in order to earn holiday allowance and upgrade the journey.

Opening Sequence of “Top Stories”

Opening Sequence of ranking show "Top Stories" for German TV station "Vox".

Opening Sequence “Simply Inseparable”

Opening Sequence of sitcom "Simply Inseparable" for German TV station "Vox". In an ironic way the tv show deals with daily problems and peculiarities of a relationship.

Photography "Rapunzel"

Artistic interpretation of Grimm´s fairytales

Photography "Snowwhite"

Artistic interpretation of Grimm´s fairytales

Photography "Hansel & Gretel"

Artistic interpretation of Grimm´s fairytales

Title Sequence for motion picture “Jammertal”

In the third film of screenwriter, producer and director Etienne Heimann, he is again dedicated to his favorite film motif: The sensitively detailed examination of the harsh characters, the local charme and the superficial harmony of his home region, the Eifel.

Like a prologue, the titles of "Jammertal" tell a decisive part of the plot and lead into the genre and atmosphere of the setting. In an exciting contrast of urban complexity and rural expanse, the spectator follows Tuchowksi's red Porsche, which connects two contrasting worlds like a red thread. Borrowed encodings from Western and Roadmovies make Tuchowski's journey appear as a moment of self-knowledge, development, and inner maturity.